Elementary 2021-22 School Attendance Letters Sent

Elementary 2021-22 School Attendance Letters Sent
Posted on 02/04/2021
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Placement letters for elementary students were mailed to families on February 4, 2021. 

In the case of 2021-22 fifth-grade students, for this year only, we will allow these students the option of staying at their current school or transferring to their boundary determined school.  Reminder, this option is only offered to 2021-22 fifth-grade students (siblings not included).  If you are receiving this letter you must complete a form indicating your preference for 5th-grade placement by March 5, 2021. This form will be in lieu of the 2021-22 transfer request for fifth-grade students only.  

Please contact the Board of Education Office with questions regarding this process, 913-592-7200.

Complete the 5th Grade Placement Request HERE.